Andrae Belfon Centre

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ABC Ltd.’s Skills Training and Education Division was formally implemented in 2011, growing continuously and culminating in the launch of a dedicated Training Centre in October 2018.

We work closely with the Grenada National Training Agency (NTA) and are an Approved Training Provider for the delivery of services leading to CVQ (Caribbean Vocational Qualification) and NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) certification. In fact, the Andrae Belfon Centre is the only facility of its kind in Grenada- a physical, NTA-accredited facility with qualified trainers focusing solely on construction. At the launch of the facility, NTA Marketing and Communications Officer, Kay Julien-Gutu, noted that the training centre was a positive step in narrowing the gender imbalance in the award of CVQs and in addressing acute shortages in the construction sector.

We offer both Direct Skills Training (DST) programmes and Assessment of Prior Learning (APL).


Each Direct Skills Training program consists of theoretical and practical components– both of which are conduced at our facility. Programs include: 

  •  Facilities Management (Level 1)

  • General Construction (Level 2)

  • Carpentry (Level 2)

  • Masonry (Level 2)

  • Plumbing (Level 2)

  • Wall and Floor Tiling (Level 2)

  • Excavator Operations (Level 2)

  • Painting and Decorating (Level 2)

  • Building and Construction Site Supervision (Level 3)

  • Draughting and Construction Technician Work (Level 3)

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We also offer Unit Certification programs in: 

  • Reading and Interpreting Simple Drawings (Level 1)

  • Costing and Estimating of Measurements (Level 4)

  • Employability Skills


Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) caters to individuals who are already working within the sector and may not have been part of a formal training programme. APLs recognize candidates previous certified and uncertified learning to assess their level of competence, resulting in the awarding of a CVQ award. We conduct APLs in: 

  • General Construction (Level 2)

  • Painting and Decorating (Level 2)

  • Carpentry (Level 2), Masonry (Level 2)

  • Construction Site Supervision (Level 3)

  • and more!

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To register, an ABC Registration Form and a NTA Registration Form must be completed. You can pick up the forms at the Centre or download them from the links below:



If you’re interested in pursuing a DST programme or APL with us, call us (473-435-4000 or 473-410-4000) to get up-to-date information on enrollment, pricing and payment plan options. We look forward to hearing from you!


For more information on the CVQ and APL, see below

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What is the CVQ?


As per NTA, the CVQ is an award that confirms the achievement of mandatory/core competencies that define the essential work practices of an occupational area, consistent with the levels articulated within the Regional Qualifications Framework (RFQ).

CVQs are based on Regional Occupational/ Competency Standards and the Qualification Framework approved by CARICOM’s Committee for Human and Social Development (COHSOD) for the development of the regional workforce and the facilitation of the free movement of artisans throughout the CARICOM Region under the CARICOM Single Market & Economy (CSME).

CVQ Certification Levels

Level 1- Semi-Skilled Supervised Entry Level Worker
Level 2- Independent of Skilled Worker, Unsupervised
Level 3– Technician/Supervisor
Level 4– Technologist/Master Craftsman Manager/Graduate Professional
Level 5- Chartered/Advanced Professional/Senior Manager

What is an APL?

As per NTA, Assessment of Prior Learning (APL) involves recognizing candidates’ previous certified and uncertified learning in order to ascertain their level of competence based on the national/regional qualifications framework.

Persons certified under the APC programme will receive a Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) award. The CVQ represents the achievement of a set of competencies which define core work practices within an occupational area and at levels from one to five based on a CARICOM approved qualifications framework.

The assessment and certification will follow the Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) methodology, which focuses on the performance required by individuals to do a task/job successfully and satisfactorily.

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